Proven for me pair of Sun conures. Male is closed banded 2009 hatch and has been surgically sexed and tattooed. Female is not banded and is a 2010 hatch and has also been surgically sexed and tattooed. Both birds in great feather. They sit and feed until babies are pulled. Last clutch summer 2018. Proven for me pair of Sun conures. Both birds are closed banded and 2011 hatch. Both have been sur...
Weaned and ready to go! Closed banded, DNA sexed Male! Sun conures make great comical pets and are very bright and colorful. They are a mid sized conure and can be loud at times so are not always best for apartment living. $450 You're welcome to pickup in Rogers City MI or Shipping available via Delta for $165, crate is $25. Can also meet in Alpena and Gaylord depending on day of the week. Plea...
White Eyed conure pair. Egglaying for me. Male was surgically sexed by Dr. Scott in June, 2018 and he is viable and ready to go. Perhaps someone with other pairs of white eyes could get them going. This is my only pair of white eyes. The male is closed banded, female was banded but got it caught on something and I ended up cutting the band off. Both hatched in 2010 and are both from Sheryl Coff...
I have one Roseifrons Conure baby available. Closed banded DNA sexed male. He is just weaned and ready to go now. Was handfed but is a little bit flighty. Not bitey and will still make a great pet or would be a great addition as a future breeder. $450 Pickup in Rogers City MI Or Alpena MI. Shipping is available via Delta for $155 plus $25 for the crate. Please text with any questions 989-464-1616
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