Sun Conure baby will be ready to go in about 4-6 weeks. I do not force wean so could be a little sooner or a little longer. Will be weaned onto a variety of foods. Closed banded. Sun conures make great comical pets and are very bright and colorful. They are a mid sized conure and can be loud at times so are not always best for apartment living. You're welcome to pickup in Rogers City MI or Ship...
Pair of Jardines, sold to me as a proven pair, egglaying for me. Just had the male scoped/tatooed and he is viable and ready to go. I think they need a change of scenery or away from my louder conures. Both birds are closed banded domestic birds and both hatched in 96. As you can see in the pictures the male is in good feather, the female is fuzzy/bare on her chest and around her neck. $800 for...
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